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Erisin ES330 60M 196FT Range Finder Laser Point Distance Meter Measure Mini Portable LED IP54


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Key Features:
This Laser Distance Meter is a Slim, Compact and Portable, the new Laser technology allows instant and dependable measuring at just a press of one button, makes measurement of distances (up to 60 meters /196 feet) very easily and precisely. With this practical measuring device, it is possible to measure stretching distances and calculate areas, volume, and even Pythagorean automatically.
It is fully applicable to Home Decoration, Real Estate Agents and Construction / Building Industry Workers (Professional Surveyors) Necessity, so ideal for measuring & calculating area / volume before buying a suitable size furniture / air-conditioner, measuring areas in new buildings as well as in refurbishment and renovation work, like the designing of a garden or for the accurate measurement of workpieces in a workshop.

During continuous measurement, you can use the minimum/maximum function, and the measuring distance can be set to start from the front or the rear edge of the device. The laser is comfortable to handle thanks to the soft wrist strap; It is also very safe: The laser beam is only activated after repeatedly pushing the "ON" switch, but the device automatically switches off if it's not used for 45 seconds, and the White LED Display screen’s back light will be off with no operation for 15 seconds.

1. Measures where a measuring tape or meter stick cannot reach
2. Do away with measuring errors, inaccurate estimates and awkward measurements
3. Calculate areas, capture room sizes and measure distances in seconds
Wide application scope for interior housing finishing, DIY projects and exterior buildings measuring, Very Professional!
5. With LED display Screen: easy to read and record

- Measurement range: 0.05m to 60m (0.16ft -196ft)
- Measurement Accuracy: +/- 2mm (+/- 0.06ft)
- Frequency: 01-3 seconds
- Laser class: II (2) 
- Laser diodes: 635 nm
- Laser Product Output: < 1mw
- Settable starting point: the Front or the Rear of the device
- Safety function: The laser cannot be activated accidentally
- Easy measurement of lengths, areas, volumes or Pythagorean
- Battery: excluded, 2 pcs of AAA Alkaline, 1.5V Batteries needed
Waterproof & Dustproof: Yes, IP 54
- Working temperature range: 0 ℃
 ~ 40 ℃
- Storage temperature: 
25 ~ 60℃
- Size
110 x 35 x 25 mm / (4.33 x 1.37 x 0.98 in)
- Color: Red
- Material: Plastic
- Color of the laser beams: Red
- Memory of Last setting: Yes
- Laser signal strength and battery indicator display: Yes
- Button service life: one million times

Operation Instruction

On / Off:
1. To Turn on this device, please press the top Red button e05d4eb877.jpg Even in the dim light can easily display screen.
2. To Turn off this device, please long press the bottom Black button 
58dda39b0b.jpg, or it will shut down automatically if no operation for 45 seconds to save battery. 
1. Long press the button 
e05d4eb877.jpg to open the laser when the device is powered on.
2. Short press the button  
e05d4eb877.jpg when laser icon is on the screen to start single time measurement.
3. Long press the button 
e05d4eb877.jpg when laser icon for 2 Seconds is on the screen to start continuous measurements, short press the '' ON/MEAS '' button again to end. 
Reference Edge Shift:
The default reference basement is the bottom of the device, Shot press the button 
1c1d1cae2c.jpg to switch to the front of the device.
Unit / Mode Shift:
Long press the button 
1c1d1cae2c.jpg to switch the units (m / in / ft) circularly as the following table: 

Length Area Volume
0,000m 0,00m² 0,000 m³
0,000m 0,00m² 0,00 m³
0,00m 0,00ft² 0,00 ft³
0,0,,,1/18 0,00ft² 0,00 ft³
0,0 in 0,00ft² 0,00 ft³
01/18 in 0,00ft 0,00ft

Functions (Area / Volume / Pythagorean) shift:
Press the button 
0b21caabb1.jpg to switch the functions circularly, calculation result will be shown on the LED screen automatically:
1. Rectangle: Area
2. Cube: Volume
3. Triangle: Pythagorean

Clear-off Function:
Short press the button 
58dda39b0b.jpg to cancel the last measurement in single measurement or continuous measurement mode, and arrange a new measurement.
Measurement tips:
1. Some curtain can absorb sound waves, resulting in Measurement not being allowed. If you have curtains indoor measurements, please first the curtain into the window on the other side, but also remember to close the window.
2. If there is an obstacle in the distance measurement, then the ultrasonic measured data is incorrect, for example tables, chairs, or other obstructions. If you are not sure you are measuring is correct, then you make multiple measurements from different angles.
3. If it is not where you are measuring flat or very narrow corner, then you come to the data that is in error.
4. If you want to measure a distance greater than 60 meters /196 feet, then choose the house in the middle of the point, for example: measuring from point to each side, then add it.

1. Pease take off the batteries if the item won’t be used for quite a long time, this can avoid battery leakage causing damage to the device.
2. Please do not shine the laser to other person especially into eyes deliberately or in the dark.
3. Please do not use the laser to shine on the object with high reflection surface.
4. Please Keep the device away from Children.
5. Please Keep the device away from fire or flammable objects.

Package content
- 1* Mini Laser Distance Meter
- 1* English & Chinese User Manual
- 1* Gift / Retail Package Box
- 1* Wrist Strap


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